‘A loving volcano spitting pink fire’


2022 has just started. A year of which we hope that a lot will change, but also suspect few things will be different. 2020 is the year this all started, a strange uncertainty creeped into the world that we still haven’t gotten rid of.


‘A loving volcano spitting pink fire’ represents covid that has caused a lot of chaos. Initially negativity, but over time we also saw the beautiful sides.


A side that brought you closer to yourself, a side that forced you to focus on yourself. A caring side towards the earth. A side that pulled you away from people around you, and on the other pushed you closer to them.


A negative pandemic that has shaped you into the person you are today.

‘A loving volcano spitting pink fire’


This hoodie is hand stamped and not for sale in the webshop. If you still want it, send an email to info@storyof-alkoto.com or a DM!



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