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About ALKOTÓ and the ALKOTÓ Gallery


ALKOTÓ is a hungarian term and stands for ‘Creating Creatively’. We chose this word because of the deep creative layer within ALKOTÓ, the first one is to inspire you to create with our basic garments and the second aspect is the collaboration with the artists. 



Our mission is to give you the tools to discover your creativity and/or provide you with the resources that will help you in the journey to monetize your art.



By giving you the stage you deserve after editing one of our items.

By giving you the opportunity to do a limited capsule collection with us, to showcase your art.

By providing you with your own shop in our ALKOTÓ Gallery. (Coming soon)

By providing you the commercial tools you need to enhance your art business. (Long term)



We want to create a world in which all young people are conscious about their own creativity and have the guts to show the world what they’re capable of. And provide them a framework to help them sustain themselves through their art.

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