‘Art is not the same as art’. – Juri Lobunko aka Tighttoon

Where does your name ‘tight-toon’ come from?

So basically, Tighttoon is just my nickname on Instagram. My pseudonym Toon is inspired by an old colleague. He was a musician and played in a band called ‘creampies’. Little obscene, I know. One afternoon in the break, we sat outside, chatting and somehow came upon the subject of pseudonyms. He mentioned that he wanted to change the name of his band because he no longer liked his name. It must be something simple and monotonous because it doesn’t get boring so quickly in the long run. Strong words or expressions usually lose their charm rather than simple ones, like ‘Pacpac’ for example he said. Note quickly and you don’t associate it to this point with anything except maybe Pacman. I tried a lot but never stayed with one. About a year later I went out with a buddy to paint. While I sat on the train, I was making scribbles for a pseudo. I remembered the theory of my colleague and wrote down some word combinations. After a while, I got ‘Toon’ out of ‘Cartoon’. Simply trying and pronounce it aloud in my head. I painted it the same day and I liked it.

What was your biggest lesson?

Art is not the same as art. What I mean by this is that the understanding of art develops. What I saw in the past as art, is now decoration for me. At that time I painted comic characters on canvas and made them a bit more urban just to make money. No inspiration, no imagination, just a ‘job’. My concept of art was about making money. Over time, this changed. Today, my look at art is different, art is way more than just a business. It has become more of a portal to escape the ‘real world’.

What is your definition of art?

Art is neither materialistic nor idealistic. This must not be confused with a work of art that results from art. It is, as I said: “More a state to escape the ‘real world’ and to focus your attention on one thing”. This attention or mindfulness to that ‘thing’ (could be anything), is art. To say it in the words of one of my favorite artists. “Art is not about itself but the attention we bring to it“ – Marcel Duchamp

When and why did you start making art?

I started to draw in primary school. Anime, Cartoons, and stuff like that. Later I started with graffiti. But I wasn’t active at that time. It was more of a hobby. After my apprenticeship, I decided to catch up with my graduate. Without a plan what to do after secondary school, I attended various courses. Art was a part of it. After a short time, the theme of street art and graffiti came up and I felt inspired. I never had a look at street art before, just Graffiti. I felt inspired to make art and finally do something that felt like an enrichment.

What do you want to achieve with your work?

Independence and tranquility.

How does your utopia look like?

Carefree, together with my family in a house with a garden on the roof and studio in the cellar.

What inspires you?

I have no special source of inspiration. I find everything inspiring, just not at the same time. I would like to say that accidental events or situations inspire me to an idea or better, create the idea in my mind. Broken glass with inserted cherries makes me think about the refraction of the glaze-like liquid. Works by other artists who show me the range of possibilities. Or just a good song that frees my thoughts.

How can we buy your art?

Through Instagram @tight_toon or homepage collectoon.com




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