The dude behind ALKOTÓ

ALKOTÓ-behind the scenes

When I speak of ‘I’ or ‘me’ who is behind it? To create more clarity about this and to create more transparency within ALKOTÓ, I’m going to share something about myself (Filip van de Bruinhorst – founder ALKOTÓ). Study 4 years ago I was still studying graphic design. I gradually started to realize that (as […]

Vibrations and ceramics, how does Rinke turn this into art?


Why should you read this article? You will learn about an art form that is not yet well known as art. You get to know Rinke, her work, and how she makes art. You gain insights into Rinke’s creative process. You can read about how Rinke found her passion. Are you also searching? Read more! […]

Essential lessons from established artist Berend Strik for every creative


Berend Strik (Nijmegen, 1960) edits images with needle and thread. Berend uses pieces of fabric, gauze, and velvet as part of his photography. When did you know you wanted to do art and why? Around the age of thirteen, I came into contact with my high school drawing teacher in Jack De Rode’s first grade. […]

‘A loving volcano spitting pink fire’


2022 has just started. A year of which we hope that a lot will change, but also suspect few things will be different. 2020 is the year this all started, a strange uncertainty creeped into the world that we still haven’t gotten rid of. ‘A loving volcano spitting pink fire’ represents covid that has caused […]

The only turtle(neck) you can choke


Turtlenecks, everyone knows them. One more expensive and classier than the other, almost every brand has them. And most of them are not really that interesting looking, until now! I think it was almost a year ago since I came up with this design, I’ve always wanted to mix industrial a bit more with chic. […]

How ALKOTÓ can improve your life.

ALKOTÓ-How ALKOTÓ can change your lifea

Edited. This article has been written to explain ALKOTÓ’s original concept. Meanwhile, our concept changed and we decided to stop working with the personalization method. ALKOTÓ can still change your life by looking incredibly good though. First of all, what is the correlation between fashion and style? My vision on fashion is that it’s the […]

‘Art is not the same as art’. – Juri Lobunko aka Tighttoon


Where does your name ‘tight-toon’ come from? So basically, Tighttoon is just my nickname on Instagram. My pseudonym Toon is inspired by an old colleague. He was a musician and played in a band called ‘creampies’. Little obscene, I know. One afternoon in the break, we sat outside, chatting and somehow came upon the subject […]