Be you.

Be you.

You like fashion, you like beautiful & unique clothes. But you regret being limited to what fashion has to offer you. You know there are options to personalize your clothes, but you don't like the fact that it looks amateurish. You want a unique item that can be personalized in a way that enhances the existing design and communicates your identity.

With our concept you are able to personalize your clothes without making it look amateurish in a way that is also used by established clothing brands, and it's easy too.

Do you want to know how? Read more below.

Did you just buy one of our items in a physical store?

Fill in this form and upload your receipt and we will send you a piece of foil of your choice.

Grab a pair of scissors,

or a knife with a cutting mat.

Start making your own patterns or shapes.

Grab your ALKOTÓ garment,

and get some baking paper and an iron. Put your design on the garment with the glossy side up. Put the baking paper on it and start ironing. Apply pressure for better quality, when finished pull off the backing and you're ready to rock your garment.

Finally, post your creation on instagram and use #createwithalkoto to get featured in our hall of fame.

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