The dude behind ALKOTÓ

ALKOTÓ-behind the scenes

When I speak of ‘I’ or ‘me’ who is behind it? To create more clarity about this and to create more transparency within ALKOTÓ, I’m going to share something about myself (Filip van de Bruinhorst – founder ALKOTÓ).


4 years ago I was still studying graphic design. I gradually started to realize that (as much as I liked graphic design) I was missing something. I noticed that I found fashion interesting and fashion design started to seem more fun to me so I started taking sewing lessons.

So after graduation, I decided to study fashion design. After researching the different schools, there were 2 schools that stood out for me: ArtEz & AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute).

I chose AMFI for the reason because I think AMFI is more commercial than ArtEz. I realized that design also consists of being able to sell your products, something I missed at ArtEz where in my view the focus is mainly on the artistic side of design. I finally chose the business side in year 2 because I realized that selling your creations is just as important (if not more important) than just creating beautiful collections.


When I studied graphic design I started to get more interested in fashion because I had a style that I couldn’t find anywhere. Because I wanted to create it myself I took sewing lessons, as a hobby and as preparation for my upcoming study.

I couldn’t wait to get good at sewing and wanted to start designing and selling clothes as soon as possible. That was the beginning of NOT SUSPICIOUS, the brand that would later be renamed ALKOTÓ. With the brand NOT SUSPICIOUS I started experimenting and discovering my style.


After 2 years I wanted to take it more seriously with a serious concept, that’s when I renamed ‘NOT SUSPICIOUS’ to ALKOTÓ. With the Hungarian name meaning ‘creative creation,’ I wanted to do collaborations with artists (which I gave up a while later).

After a year I’m here: a startup brand with the style I was missing (what I call ‘industrial wear’). The whole process is done in a small space including my bedroom so I’m going to show you what that looks like!

My workplace
Most of it takes place digitally. From graphic design to accounting.
After designing, the created designs are put in the plotter software to be able to cut out of different types of foil.
The transfer press is used to print the cut-out designs onto garments.
I also have a sewing machine and a serger at my disposal to make accessories and clothing.

As you can see, it’s still really in the early stages, but with your help, I hope to be in a bigger space in a while to provide even more people with cool clothes!



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ALKOTÓ-behind the scenes

The dude behind ALKOTÓ

When I speak of ‘I’ or ‘me’ who is behind it? To create more clarity about this and to create more transparency within ALKOTÓ, I’m