Yes, it’s possible but the return costs are not covered by ALKOTÓ. Please check: https://www.storyof-alkoto.com/retour-policy/ for more information about sending your item back.

Please contact us at info@storyof-alkoto.com as soon as possible so someone can fix the mistake. However, if we ship the item before this is corrected you will need to wait for the item to be returned to us and pay for us to re-ship your items.

If it’s an item from our basics collection the changes are high we’re going to restock. If it’s from a limited collaboration, probably not. Please contact us via social media or E-mail If you want to know for sure.

Exact measurements for all items are listed in the product descriptions. The fit of our tees are a bit bigger, so please check the measurements before ordering!

When we ship your order, you will automatically receive an e-mail with the track & trace code.

We’re sorry, Please E-mail us at info@storyof-alkoto.com with a description (photos help also!) and we will fix it for you.

First, check the address on the order and confirm that you entered the correct address. Once your item ships, it is in the hands of the courier. If your item is listed as delivered and is missing it is possible it was delivered to a neighbor, stolen or it’s still sitting in the back of a delivery truck. Please contact your post office or speak to your mail person. Many times the package finds its way to the correct address within a week but we cannot issue replacements or returns for items marked as “delivered”.

All input is welcome, please contact us at info@storyof-alkoto.com

Take a sheet of baking paper, place it on the design and iron the design at about 120-160 degrees. Make sure to press it and move back and forth slowly.

If it is in backorder you have to wait about a week before it is delivered to you.

Please e-mail us at info@storyof-alkoto.com, or chat with us.