How ALKOTÓ can improve your life.

ALKOTÓ-How ALKOTÓ can change your lifea

This article has been written to explain ALKOTÓ’s original concept. Meanwhile, our concept changed and we decided to stop working with the personalization method. ALKOTÓ can still change your life by looking incredibly good though.

First of all, what is the correlation between fashion and style?

My vision on fashion is that it’s the market that has different styles of clothing & accessories. Fashion largely dictates what your style is, or will be. Within a certain style, you’re limited to the items that are offered.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, because you still feel free in a way and you still think you have your own style. But your style is actually influenced by celebrities & fashion chains.

What’s wrong with my style being developed on others?

Nothing. For most people, it works, and they feel very comfortable in the clothes they wear. But for the people who often change their style or don’t feel completely comfortable in their textile skin, there are other options.

The way to be less dependent on fashion.

Perhaps you already came up with this idea, but the word we’re looking for here is customization (Or create your own clothing, but today we’re talking about customization).

What is the disadvantage of customization?

The word ‘customize’ often carries an amateurish connotation. We think of drawings, paint splatters, patches you get at your Boy Scout club (cool patches exist though), and even complete paintings. It is not very attractive to many fashion-conscious people.

How does ALKOTÓ provide a solution for this problem?

In addition to the unique & industrial designs that we design at ALKOTÓ, we have added the possibility to customize your garment in a unique way. You can now leave your house with a 1-of-a-kind design that enhances the garment and looks as if your design belongs on your piece. How? Check here.

How does this improve my life?

By influencing what you wear and having the means to personalize your items, you become less dependent on fashion. You get more room for creativity and self-expression. You show your surroundings what you can do and every item can be matched with your new sneakers so you don’t have to search endlessly for a matching item.



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