The only turtle(neck) you can choke


Turtlenecks, everyone knows them. One more expensive and classier than the other, almost every brand has them. And most of them are not really that interesting looking, until now!

I think it was almost a year ago since I came up with this design, I’ve always wanted to mix industrial a bit more with chic. While playing around with orange ties and robust buckles I thought about how you can look amazing with a very basic outfit. What makes the outfit look amazing? In most cases the outfit combination with the right accessories.

With this in mind, I wanted to design a garment that has the accessory incorporated within the garment, a basic-looking turtleneck with only an industrial choker already looks really interesting.

This turtleneck is definitely the drop I’m the most excited about because this garment perfectly reflects the design language of ALKOTÓ, basic clothing that is really interesting to look at because of the industrial details.

One of the coolest things about this turtleneck is the fact that you can still customize it! To maintain the clean look of the turtleneck, there is only 1 foil you can choose. If you’re choosing the black turtleneck the foil color you can choose is going to be black, but with a velvet texture so your designs are going to look luxurious but subtle.



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